Are Auto Insurance Rates Negotiable? (Powell, Ohio)

Are my auto insurance rates negotiable. I’m Mark Goodwin at Goodwin Insurance Agency. And we get asked this question a lot, especially recently in today’s climate. It seems like the cost of everything is going up. So, are these insurance rates negotiable? Maybe they are? Maybe they’re not, I’m gonna let my assistant Nikki fill you in more. Nikki are auto insurance rates negotiable?

Well, the short answer is NO, auto insurance rates are generally not negotiable. However, there is more to this question than my short answer that I just gave you. So in truth, what most people want to know is how they can lower their auto insurance rates.

Now, while the premiums a carrier offers aren’t negotiable, there are actually other ways that you can knock that rate down. Auto insurance carriers determine their fees based on this really complex set of variables that include, your driving record, your age, where you live, how many miles you drive in a month. Things like that, which means that if you want to lower your insurance rates, then there are several things that you can do.

For starters, you can drive fewer miles, which might mean, you know, carpooling or taking public transportation and let’s see what else? Another great idea that you could do to um lower those rates is to improve your driving record by going to driving school. As a matter of fact, some carriers will encourage you to take a defensive driving class in exchange for lower premiums. I gotta say, a knowledgeable insurance agent can help you find ways to lower your premiums. So even though rates aren’t directly negotiable, there are definitely plenty of ways to save money on auto insurance.

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Why Are My Homeowners Insurance Rates Going Up? (Powell, Ohio)

Hi, I’m Mark Goodwin. And I know a lot of us are facing increased insurance costs for our home insurance. Uh We are here to not only inform you and our clients but also to help navigate the insurance waters, whether that be tweaking some coverages or shopping, the marketplace for you. So Nikki tell us about some of the reasons we’re seeing rates go up. One of the most common questions we hear about home insurance is so simple and very understandable. Why are my rates going up? Now? I know that it can feel frustrating and confusing. Uh The truth is there are a large number of reasons why you might see higher home insurance premiums and not all of them are things you can control if there is an increase in the cost of uh replacement materials like uh lumber or stone or in the cost of labor that will probably translate into higher premiums. Now, likewise, if the value of your neighborhood is on the rise and therefore the value of your home is increasing, then it will cost more to insure. Now, I also can’t forget to mention that if there is a large number of people in your area making insurance claims that could translate into higher rates as well. Your insurance agent might be able to help you find ways to offset these cost increases. So do not be shy about contacting them to find out more.

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #3 and #4 – Marion OH

As we continue our series of business insurance examples…

See how Bad Luck Case #3 might have been improved with a Property Insurance Policy that included Debris Removal Coverage, along with Business Income Insurance.

Bad Luck Case #4 reveals a very real need for Cyber Liability Insurance with Data Ransom Coverage

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Your insurance policy is coming up for renewal… – Marion OH

I wanted to thank you for being a client of E. Goodwin Insurance Agency. I know many of you work with me and many of you work with Nicki as well. We both value you as a client of ours. You have a renewal of one of your insurance policies coming up, and I wanted to let you know how we are dealing with the current market conditions. As you know, inflation is affecting our lives in just about every way imaginable. We feel it at the gas pump, at the grocery store. I went to Lowe’s over the weekend to pick up some lumber for a project and I was shocked at what that cost me.
So as you can imagine, the insurance industry is also facing increased costs and their rates are going up a little bit as they are having to pay more for building materials and to make repairs to our buildings, our homes, to our cars. They’re starting to charge higher rates as a result. In Ohio, I’m seeing rate increases on the average of around 5%. The rest of the country, it’s a little more aggressive. We’re fortunate in Ohio. 5% or so is pretty much what I’m seeing.
I wanted to let you know what we’re doing about that. Every day we get a report of the insurance policies that are coming up for renewal, and it tells us if the rates are going up or if they’re going down. If your rates are going up, our system automatically drops your policy into a quoting engine, which quotes a dozen or more insurance companies on your behalf. We look at those rates and if there’s a better option, we are going to let you know. If your current insurance company is the best option, we’re going to let you know that as well. We also check to make sure that you’re receiving all of the available discounts. Be that a multi policy discount, safe driving discount, claim free discount, senior discount, good student discount and more. We audit those policies every year to make sure you are getting the discounts that you deserve.
So we view our job as to help guide you through the current market conditions. We know that price is important, but we also know that when you need your insurance, the protection is important as well and it’s really what matters most. We want to make sure that you are protected properly for the best possible price. So if you would like to discuss your renewal with me or Nicki, please give us a call. We always love hearing from you, but know that we are actively looking out for you 24/7. Thank you for being a client of E. Goodwin Insurance.

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #1 and #2 – Marion OH

What insurance does a small business actually need?
Much of a business’s success depends on how well it can overcome obstacles.

eGoodwin Insurance is here to help guide you through the perils that you likely don’t anticipate.

Bad Luck Case #1
In this example, the hefty legal and judgment costs would have been covered by Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance, up to purchased policy limits.

Bad Luck Case #2
ACME had Worker’s Compensation Insurance that covered Julie’s expenses, but not Colleen’s. The state identified that ACME had misclassified Colleen, which led to hefty penalties and judgments for medical costs and damages.

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