Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #3 and #4 – Marion OH

As we continue our series of business insurance examples…

See how Bad Luck Case #3 might have been improved with a Property Insurance Policy that included Debris Removal Coverage, along with Business Income Insurance.

Bad Luck Case #4 reveals a very real need for Cyber Liability Insurance with Data Ransom Coverage

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Your insurance policy is coming up for renewal… – Marion OH

I wanted to thank you for being a client of E. Goodwin Insurance Agency. I know many of you work with me and many of you work with Nicki as well. We both value you as a client of ours. You have a renewal of one of your insurance policies coming up, and I wanted to let you know how we are dealing with the current market conditions. As you know, inflation is affecting our lives in just about every way imaginable. We feel it at the gas pump, at the grocery store. I went to Lowe’s over the weekend to pick up some lumber for a project and I was shocked at what that cost me.
So as you can imagine, the insurance industry is also facing increased costs and their rates are going up a little bit as they are having to pay more for building materials and to make repairs to our buildings, our homes, to our cars. They’re starting to charge higher rates as a result. In Ohio, I’m seeing rate increases on the average of around 5%. The rest of the country, it’s a little more aggressive. We’re fortunate in Ohio. 5% or so is pretty much what I’m seeing.
I wanted to let you know what we’re doing about that. Every day we get a report of the insurance policies that are coming up for renewal, and it tells us if the rates are going up or if they’re going down. If your rates are going up, our system automatically drops your policy into a quoting engine, which quotes a dozen or more insurance companies on your behalf. We look at those rates and if there’s a better option, we are going to let you know. If your current insurance company is the best option, we’re going to let you know that as well. We also check to make sure that you’re receiving all of the available discounts. Be that a multi policy discount, safe driving discount, claim free discount, senior discount, good student discount and more. We audit those policies every year to make sure you are getting the discounts that you deserve.
So we view our job as to help guide you through the current market conditions. We know that price is important, but we also know that when you need your insurance, the protection is important as well and it’s really what matters most. We want to make sure that you are protected properly for the best possible price. So if you would like to discuss your renewal with me or Nicki, please give us a call. We always love hearing from you, but know that we are actively looking out for you 24/7. Thank you for being a client of E. Goodwin Insurance.

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Business Insurance Coverages – Cases #1 and #2 – Marion OH

What insurance does a small business actually need?
Much of a business’s success depends on how well it can overcome obstacles.

eGoodwin Insurance is here to help guide you through the perils that you likely don’t anticipate.

Bad Luck Case #1
In this example, the hefty legal and judgment costs would have been covered by Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance, up to purchased policy limits.

Bad Luck Case #2
ACME had Worker’s Compensation Insurance that covered Julie’s expenses, but not Colleen’s. The state identified that ACME had misclassified Colleen, which led to hefty penalties and judgments for medical costs and damages.

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Am I covered for delivery service like Uber, Lyft and Door Dash ? – Marion OH

Hi everyone. I’m Mark Goodwin and one common insurance question we get lately is, “Am I covered to drive for delivery service like Uber, Lyft, or door dash?” Well most insurance companies do not provide coverage when you’re using your vehicle for delivery or a ride share service. In fact, most policies will specifically exclude covering that sort of use of your vehicle.
So as soon as you turn on the app to look for a potential rider or food pickup, your insurance coverage turns off, if you will. Ride share and delivery companies typically don’t assume coverage until you have a passenger in your car or until you have picked up the food for your delivery. So that leaves you with a gap. But fortunately most insurance companies now have an endorsement that you can add to your policy that picks up that gap that you may have in your policy now so that you are insured. That endorsement is not real expensive. It’s, depending on the insurance company, $100 a year plus or minus.
If you would like to talk about adding that coverage to your policy, you can give us a call at E Goodwin insurance or call your agent to see if you can get that added to your current auto policy. If you find that you can’t and you need to have it, you can give us a call 740-387-8335 or you can email us, We’d be glad to help you out.

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Home & Renters Insurance for College Students – Marion OH

Hi, I’m Mark Goodwin. And one of the questions we often get this time of year is how to ensure your child’s belongings when they’re headed off to college, maybe to live in a dorm room and you just bought them an expensive laptop computer, printer. And you’re worried about what happens if that item gets stolen, vandalized, or if there is a fire. Well, the way we cover those items is if you have a renter’s policy or a homeowner insurance policy and your child lives with you, then coverage extends from that policy to the belongings they have in a dorm. Typically, it’s 10% of the amount of insurance that you have on your contents at home. So let’s say you have $200,000 of coverage. Then $20,000 would extend to your child who’s at the dorm. If they have some expensive items there, like maybe jewelry or sporting equipment or musical instruments then we may want to talk about specifically ensuring an item like that.
Now, let’s say your child leaves their stuff in the dorm, and they go abroad for a period of time, or maybe they come home for a period of time. If it’s more than 45 days that they’re not living in the dorm then your policy is going to stop providing coverage. So you would need to look for a rental facility to put those items in, or just bring them back home to where you live until your child is back in the dorm.
Let’s say your child decides they’re going to rent an apartment or a house off campus. A lot of times that landlord is going to require that they get a renter’s insurance policy. We can certainly help set that up, it’s not expensive. $15 a month, roughly is going to provide what is needed. In addition to covering their contents it’s also going to provide liability protection for the premises there. So if there’s a slip and fall or something like that, and somebody gets hurt that policy has bodily injury liability as part of it that would apply in that situation.
So hopefully that answers your question about what to do in that case. We’re always here to answer your questions. 740-387-8335. Or you can email

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Auto Insurance and Your College Student – What To Do – Marion & Powell OH

Hi, I’m Mark Goodwin. And we are on top of time for back to school. And what I want to talk about today is what to do about your auto insurance policy and your son or daughter who may be going off to college for the very first time. One of the questions we often get is, “Do we leave them on the policy? Do we take them off the policy? Does it save money to do that? What should we do?”
Well, our advice always is to leave your son or daughter on your auto policy. And there are four good reasons to do that. Number one, if they come home from school on break or to visit for the weekend and they want to borrow the car, go visit a friend, do their thing, they should remain listed on your policy so they are protected.
Number two, when they’re away at school and maybe they want to borrow a friend’s car, or maybe they’re a designated driver, or maybe just one evening a friend tosses in the keys and says, “Hey, you’re driving.” They’re college kids. Who knows what they’re going to do. You don’t want to worry about them not being insured in that situation. You leave them on your policy and should they borrow a car, that they are insured as they should be.
Thirdly, your auto policy protects them when they are a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk and they get hit by a car, on a bicycle if they get hit by a car, or if they’re riding in a friend’s car and they get in an accident, coverage could be extended from your auto policy for them if they get injured in a situation like that. So that’s a third reason to leave them insured on your policy.
And number four is to maintain a continuous insurability or a history of being insured continuously when they are ready to come off of your auto policy and go on their own. Having that sort of record of being continuously insured can help them get better rates.
If they are taking a car with them to school, of course they need to stay on your policy, but you should let us know or let your insurance agent know the zip code of where they may be attending school. It’s possible that if you live in a big city like Columbus, and they’re going off to a school in a small town, the small town rates may be a little less than what they get here in Columbus. So you could save a little money that way. You can also save if they are a good student. So maintaining a B average or better gives them a significant discount on their grades, and that’s college or high school for any driver. Always encourage your kids to get that discount.
If you have any other questions, you can email us or you can give us a call 740-387-8335. We would love to talk with you.

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